Even though it has no windows, Boiyen's bedroom doesn't look cramped because of the neat arrangement of the furniture.

  28 Maret 2024 02:25

Brilio.net - Boiyen is known as a comedian, dangdut singer and host. The career path of the owner of the real name Yeni Rahmawati has been quite winding.

Before appearing on the small screen, Boiyen sang from stage to stage. As time goes by, Boiyen reaps the fruits of his hard work. He has his own house which has an American style style.

Boiyen admitted that he decorated his private house in an American style because he was inspired by Andre Taulany's residence. So he deliberately bought house decorations in such a way. This design concept is also applied to the bedroom.

What do you think Boiyen's bedroom looks like? Instead of being curious, let's take a peek at the portrait summarized by brilio.net from the Taulany TV YouTube channel, Wednesday (27/3).

1. Boiyen's residence consists of a two-story building. However, the residents do more activities on the first floor because the second floor of the house is only used as a walk-in closet.

Boiyen's anti-stuffy room  YouTube

2. There are only two bedrooms in this residence.

Boiyen's anti-stuffy room  YouTube

3. Consistent with the American Style, Boiyen still chooses to use white for the walls.

Boiyen's anti-stuffy room  YouTube

4. Andre Taulany said the all-white room was like a bridal room.

Boiyen's anti-stuffy room  YouTube

5. The walls are also covered with wooden moldings painted white.

Boiyen's anti-stuffy room  YouTube

6. Meanwhile, Boiyen placed a white king size mattress. Combined with a white dressing table beside it.

Boiyen's anti-stuffy room  YouTube

7. In designing his rest room, Boiyen chose a PVC ceiling which has an anti-termite function and can prevent leaks.

Boiyen's anti-stuffy room  YouTube

8. Located in the innermost area of his house, Boiyen's bedroom does not have a special space for a window.

Boiyen's anti-stuffy room  YouTube

9. Even so, this rest area does not look cramped because of the neat arrangement of the furniture.

Boiyen's anti-stuffy room  YouTube

Before being known as an artist from the capital who often appeared on television, Boiyen first started his career as a singer from village to village. He recalled when he was paid Rp. 70 thousand when he sang at a celebration in Cikarang.

This figure is relatively small considering he lives in Jakarta. However, at that time he also helped support the family's economy, so whatever the amount was, it didn't matter as long as the money he got was still halal.

While performing, he often experiences unique and unexpected things. Starting from being hit by genderuwo feathers because at dusk Boiyen sat under a thick tree until the stage collapsed.

However, this dangdut singer admits that singing is not just to make money but has become his hobby. Therefore, he is still willing to fight and believes that his hard work will be rewarded by Allah SWT.

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