Shimmer is a type of fabric that can provide a very charming sparkling effect.

  5 April 2024 21:25 - Who doesn't want to look charming and stunning on Eid al-Fitr? Especially among women, clothes or outfits are the main asset that needs to be considered from head to toe. Every year, the Eid moment definitely has different outfit trends. This Eid al-Fitr 2024, it seems like the Eid outfit trend is falling for shimmer robes.

Starting from the viral outfit trend on TikTok, the shimmer gamis immediately attracted a lot of attention. For your information, shimmer is a type of fabric that can provide a very charming sparkling effect.

Shimmer robes are the choice of women to brighten up Eid this year because this Muslim clothing has a unique and eccentric appearance. This is also supported by prices that are relatively affordable in the pocket and have a variety of quality materials. If you are interested in finding information about shimmer robes for Eid trends in 2024, you can see below.

The following is complete information about shimmer robes becoming a trend for Eid 2024, reported by from various sources, Friday (5/4).

(Intern/Zidan Fajri)

Unique facts about Gaum Shimmer.

Shimmer robes are a trend for Eid 2024  2024 various sources

photo: TikTok/@wahyu.bellamy

There are several unique facts you need to know about shimmer robes, including:

1. Starting from an outfit trend on TikTok.

The Eid outfit trend using shimmer robes started from social media, namely TikTok. With such massive users, especially for women , the TikTok platform has become a place for shopping inspiration for outfits. Since Eid will soon enter the atmosphere, sellers are competing to show off their best products.

As a result, of the many Eid outfit inspirations, the one that is able to attract a lot of market attention is the shimmer gamis. One of the videos related to shimmer robes that went viral came from the TikTok account @wahyu.bellamy. To date, the video has been viewed more than 15 million times. In the video, a woman can be seen wearing a blue shimmer robe which looks very charming with its glamorous sparkling accents.

2. Relatively affordable prices.

The price range offered for a shimmer robe on the market is very diverse. This is very interesting for mothers who want to look for new clothes to wear during the Eid al-Fitr celebration later. Apart from being available in various attractive materials and colors, shimmer robes also have relatively affordable prices.

3. Used by artists and celebrities.

Like outfit trend ideas in general, the viral influence of shimmer robes cannot be separated from the role of influencers and artists. One of the artists who also uses shimmer robes is Shireen Sungkar. As the owner of the Shi by Shireen fashion brand, he said shimmer robes have become an idol for people who are looking for the latest Eid clothing ideas. Regarding color, according to him, pastel colors are still the favorite.

Shimmer robe type.

Shimmer robes are a trend for Eid 2024  2024 various sources


1. Shimmer organza.

Shimmer gamis with organza fabric is a thin, light and transparent fabric that is often used for layers or details on clothing. Shimmery organza is a version of organza that is specially treated to provide additional shine.

2. Satin silk shimmer.

Shimmer gamis made from Satin silk is a type of fabric known for its subtle shine. Satin can be made from a variety of fibers, including polyester, silk, or nylon. The type of satin used to add more shine is called shimmer satin.

3. Lurex shimmer.

Shimmer gamis made from lurex is a material made from synthetic fibers mixed with metal threads such as aluminum or metal-coated polyester. It gives a glamorous shimmering effect to the fabric.

4. Shimmer fabric sequins.

A shimmer gamis made from sequins is a fabric decorated with small, shiny sequins. Sequins can be made of plastic, metal, or even glass. When sewn onto a base fabric, sequins create an incredible shimmering effect and a very charming feel.

The advantages of shimmer robes and the price range.

Shimmer robes are a trend for Eid 2024  2024 various sources


There are a number of advantages that shimmer robes have, including:

1. Gives a glamorous impression.

Gamis made from shimmer gives a glamorous and classy look. The shine adds a touch of elegance to the gamis, making the wearer look more radiant and stand out from the crowd.

2. Attract attention.

The charming shine of a shimmer robe can attract the attention of people around you. This makes the wearer of a gamis made from shimmer look special on special occasions such as Eid.

3. Variety of colors and designs.

Shimmer material is available in a variety of colors and designs. This gives buyers the freedom to choose a robe according to their taste. There are various color and pattern combinations that can be adapted to other outfits.

4. Long durability.

Shimmer robes are generally quite durable and don't wrinkle easily. This makes shimmer robes a practical choice to wear for events that require a formal appearance throughout the day.

5. Prices vary.

Even though they look luxurious, shimmer robes are available in various price ranges. This allows potential buyers to find options that suit their wallet budget. Shimmer robes sold in marketplaces range in price from IDR 100 thousand to IDR 800 thousand, while those sold in clothing shopping centers range from IDR 150 thousand to IDR 1.5 million.