A famed Monaco hotel has found a whole new meaning for ‘splashing the cash’.

  17 Juli 2016 09:37

Brilio.net/en - The Htel Metropole Monte-Carlo is an institution in the Riviera billionaire playground of Monaco, so its no big surprise that the 5-star Metropole has come out with a unique type of lavish nuptials. Bad swimmers need not apply!

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect and everyone has a different dream wedding, but under the Mediterranean Sea takes things to a whole new level. Thats the package the Metropole offers.

Underwater Wedding Htel Metropole  2016 brilio.net


If youre worried about how youd in a scuba suit for the whole ceremony, theyve got you covered. Qualified instructors will assist you before the exchange of vows.

Once youre all geared up, youre set for a magical adventure. You and your partner will be taken down below by Pierre Frolla. The four-time world freedive record-holder will officiate the ceremony and be your host taking you through the other surprises of the day, including a ring stored in a seashell!

Underwater Wedding Htel Metropole  2016 brilio.net


He will be your host in what promises to be a day full of unexpected surprises coming your way. Spoiler alert- that includes rings being stored in seashells!

As well as a live underwater video shot during your special wedding, you will get a VIP welcome gift, lunch and a cocktail party with people on the beach.

Are you looking forward to your wedding day? Dive in!



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