Hidden panda they said, well said. Can’t you find it?

  24 Desember 2015 10:00

Brilio.net/en - Several days ago, an illustrator Gergely Duds or commonly known with his pen name, Dudolf posted his drawing on his Facebook page and challenged people to find a panda in a bunch of snowman.

Theres a panda amongst them! Can you find it? challenged Dudolf.

Going nuts with the hidden panda in Dudolfs drawing

Well, bet you cant spot it, just admit it, you are not alone though! Some people are found to have the exact dificulties in locating the panda.

I cant see the bloody panda!!!! commented Margaret Sinclair, while Darren Fox said, Been looking for 15 mins still cant find it lol.

We found it anyway. So, how about you?