foto: TikTok/@waroengaa78

It is known that the grandfather, who is familiarly called Ki Jaya, is 90 years old.

  12 Maret 2024 19:44 - Of course it is not strange when Indonesian people see or come to weddings. Usually, married people appear energetic and happy. The age of the bride and groom is usually in the 20s to 30s. However, there is something different about this bride. Because the couple are both elderly.

A wedding event in Subang, West Java recently received the spotlight. This elderly couple, who are familiarly called Ki Jaya and Nini Uka, got married on March 10 2024. Interestingly, the celebrant of the wedding was Dedi Mulyadi , former Regent of Purwakarta.

This wedding, which was no less romantic with young people, was successfully recorded via a TikTok video uploaded by the account @waroengaa78. It can be seen that the party was decorated with various all-white decorations. Many guests attended to enliven the event.

elderly people getting married in Subang  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@waroengaa78

Before getting married, on March 4 2024, Ki Jaya went to Nini Uka's residence with the intention of proposing to her. He bravely invited the woman of his dreams to continue living together to build a household. Ki Jaya's good intentions were welcomed with open arms, Nini Uka and her family accepted the proposal.

A few days later, they were officially engaged. This engagement moment was witnessed by many guests and was full of cheers because Ki Jaya then took photos with his future wife. In one moment, one of the invited guests directed Ki Jaya's hand to embrace Nini Uka.

elderly people getting married in Subang  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@waroengaa78

On the day, the event took place with excitement. Wearing an all-white bridal outfit, Ki Jaya looked happy while accompanied by a lively entourage and procession. They shouted while singing Sundanese songs.

After that, the wedding ceremony procession begins. Dedi Mulyadi, who acted as headman, shook Ki Jaya's hand. In his presentation, he married Ki Jaya and Nini Uka with a dowry of IDR 2,440,000 paid in cash.

However, when it was Ki Jaya's turn to say the vows, the atmosphere became excited. How could it not be, he seemed to have difficulty pronouncing the pronunciation of the consent. He forgot many words, including the name of his future wife. It is known that Nini Uka's real name is Mauka.

elderly people getting married in Subang  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@waroengaa78

The moment of consent was repeated several times, but Ki Jaya was still having difficulties. It's natural, considering that he is no longer young. However, the atmosphere around was full of laughter and became even more excited when Ki Jaya finally managed to complete the marriage vows. Suddenly the audience immediately shouted "legitimately".

"Finally, Syah also hopes to become a samawara family, amiiin," stated the caption quoted by , Tuesday (12/3).

elderly people getting married in Subang  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@waroengaa78

The video went viral and attracted the attention of netizens. Of course, many are jealous of this marriage because the young people admit that they are inferior to Ki Jaya. Netizens also prayed that the elderly couple's relationship would last until death .

From the video being posted until this article was written, the @waroengaa78 account has gathered millions of viewers. Apart from that, there are also hundreds of thousands of accounts that have given likes and thousands of comments.

"Oh Lord, why is my fate like this, losing to Mak Uka & Aki Jaya," wrote the account @kimberly_keint

"Oh my God, my father is out of breath," explained the account @matalatta08

"This is called delayed love, met when he was old, successful battery," said the account @silviakhanza1988

"How do you say this, I hope it lasts until the grandparents but it's already done," commented the account @ursweet.

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