This program can be an alternative way amidst the various obstacles that often plague the world of Indonesian education.

  16 April 2024 22:27 - In an effort to improve the level of education in the country so that it is of higher quality and more equitable, the central government represented by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) launched a program in 2015. The program is called the Driving School Program. The Driving School Program aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning activities in schools, so that students and teachers can get maximum benefits.

The implications of the Driving School Program at various levels of education are able to encourage improvements in the quality of education more efficiently and positively. This program can be an alternative way amidst the various obstacles that often plague the world of Indonesian education. If you want to know more about examples of Mobilization School Programs, along with their meaning and so on, you can read the information below.

No need to wait any longer, here is an example of a Driving School Program, complete with its meaning, benefits and objectives, reported by from various sources, Tuesday (16/4).

Understanding the Driving School Program

Examples of driving school programs  2024 various sources


Reporting from the kemdikbud.ristek website, the Driving School Program focuses on developing holistic student learning outcomes which include competency (literacy and numeracy) and character, starting with superior human resources (school principals and teachers). The Driving School Program is a refinement of the previous school transformation program.

The Driving School Program will accelerate public and private schools in all school conditions to move 1-2 stages further forward. This program is carried out in stages and integrated with the ecosystem until all schools in Indonesia become driving school programs.

Apart from that, the Driving School Program is an effort to realize the vision of Indonesian education in realizing an advanced Indonesia that is sovereign, independent and has personality through the creation of Pancasila students. For the distribution of schools that have started implementing the driving school program, the number has reached 14,219 schools in Indonesia.

Schools that implement the Driving School Program have the following characteristics:

Examples of driving school programs  2024 various sources

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1. Collaboration between the central government (Kemdikbud) and regional governments to create good programs.

2. The scope of this program includes public and private schools.

3. The driving school program is integrated with a capable ecosystem.

4. Interventions are carried out holistically, starting from school human resources, learning, planning, digitalization and assistance to the Regional Government.

5. Assistance with related schools is carried out for 3 years.

Benefits of the driving school program

Examples of driving school programs  2024 various sources


The main benefit of the driving school program is to improve the quality of Indonesian education so that it becomes better. The main priority of this program is 3T areas (Remote, Disadvantaged, Marginalized). Some of the benefits you get from participating in the Mobilizing School Program include:

1. Improving the quality of learning outcomes over a period of 3 years.

2. Increasing the competence of school principals and teachers.

3. Accelerate school digitalization.

4. Opportunity to become a catalyst for change for other educational units.

5. Acceleration of achieving the Pancasila student profile.

6. Get intensive assistance.

7. Obtain additional budget to purchase books for learning with a new paradigm.

The aim of the driving school program

Examples of driving school programs  2024 various sources


Apart from benefits, the driving school program also has main objectives with several scopes, as follows:

1. Improve competence and character in accordance with the Pancasila student profile.

2. Ensure equal distribution of educational quality through capacity building programs for school principals who are able to lead educational units in achieving quality learning.

3. Building a stronger education ecosystem that focuses on improving quality.

4. Creating a collaborative climate for stakeholders in the education sector, both at schools, regional and central governments.

In order to achieve this goal, intervention at the education unit level is carried out by increasing the competency of school human resources, namely school principals and teachers through training and mentoring.

Example of a driving school program

Program Name: "Reading Together"

Definition: "Reading Together" is a program that aims to increase students' reading interest and reading ability through joint reading activities between teachers and students at school. The program involves story reading, discussions, and other reading-related activities.

Benefits: The benefit of the "read together" program is to increase interest in reading. Through shared reading activities, students will experience pleasure in reading, which can increase their overall interest in reading. Improving reading skills, by engaging in reading together, students will be trained in understanding texts and improve their reading skills. Developing language skills, this program can also help students in enriching their vocabulary and improving their understanding of language structures.

Objective: The aim of the "shared reading" program is to improve academic achievement, by increasing students' interest and reading ability, it is hoped that it can improve overall academic achievement. Forming reading habits, this program aims to form good reading habits among students, which can have a positive impact on their personal and academic development in the future. Increasing collaboration, through shared reading activities, this program also aims to strengthen relationships between teachers and students as well as between schools and society as a whole.

That is an example of a driving school program, complete with its meaning, benefits and objectives. The hope is that once you know the information about the driving school program, you can apply it to your school's teaching and learning activities in the future. Hopefully this information is useful!

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