Because they have been hungry for a whole month, quite a few feel they have to 'revenge' by eating various typical Eid dishes.

  10 April 2024 06:00 - After fasting for a month, the day of victory that all Muslims have been waiting for has finally arrived. Apart from being marked as a day of victory, Eid al-Fitr is a momentum to gather with family, friends and relatives. While expressing apologies, Eid al-Fitr is also an occasion for friendship.

When Eid arrives, the dining table is filled with various tempting delicious dishes. However, often the habit of eating too much during Eid can ruin the results of fasting for a whole month. The reason is, one of the benefits of fasting is that it helps balance the body's metabolism and control body weight.

Because they have been hungry for a whole month, quite a few feel they have to 'revenge' by eating various typical Eid dishes. In fact, this can actually disrupt digestion and affect overall health. It's best to consume food in reasonable and balanced portions, including fiber, protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.

Avoid foods that are too fatty , too sweet, or have a lot of sugar. Apart from that, it is also important to stay physically active. Exercising regularly can help maintain your weight and overall health. Don't forget to drink enough water to keep your body well hydrated. Water can help reduce hunger and aid digestion.

When celebrating Eid, remember that true happiness comes from togetherness and not just from food. So, enjoy the Eid meal with full awareness and gratitude, while still maintaining balance and appreciating the results of fasting that has been carried out for a whole month.

The following are tips for not eating too much during Eid so that your weight and health are maintained, summarized by from various sources on Wednesday (10/4).

1. Eat healthy snacks

7 Tips to avoid eating too much during Eid  2024


Choose healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, or low-fat yogurt to reduce excessive food cravings. Maintaining your diet doesn't mean you stop eating snacks. Snacks help you meet your nutritional needs.

Even consuming it when you are hungry can actually help you control yourself so you don't eat too much. During Eid it will definitely be difficult to do so. You can find snacks every time you visit someone else's house. Remember, all you need to do is choose healthy snacks.

2. Avoid fatty and high-calorie foods

Limit consumption of fatty and high-calorie foods such as fast food, fried foods and sweet foods which can cause weight gain. The temptation to consume these foods is definitely high. Even though they contain high calories, these foods actually don't make you full.

Eating lots of fatty and high-calorie foods will only increase the levels of saturated fat in the body. Accumulating fat in the body will interfere with the performance of the body's systems. If you don't try to control your desire for this food, you will definitely go crazy and eat more and more.

3. Control food portions

7 Tips to avoid eating too much during Eid  2024


Try to eat small portions but often, so that you feel full without overeating. Portion control is an important principle in maintaining a balanced calorie and nutritional intake. By controlling food portions, you can avoid consuming excess calories which can cause weight gain.

Managing food portions also helps you be more aware of the amount of food your body actually needs, so you can reduce the risk of overeating. Controlled portion sizes can also help improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, and help control blood sugar levels. Thus, portion control is an important step in maintaining optimal health and body weight.

4. Drink more water

7 Tips to avoid eating too much during Eid  2024


Drinking enough water can help reduce hunger and control appetite. The best water for your body is plain water. Water helps reduce hunger which can actually be caused by dehydration. By drinking enough water, you can avoid mistaking thirst for actual hunger.

Drinking water before eating can also help reduce the amount of food you consume, because a stomach that is filled with fluid will signal that you are full more quickly. Apart from that, drinking water also helps wash away food debris in the mouth and reduces the desire to snack. By maintaining adequate water intake, you can control your eating patterns more regularly and healthily.

5. Increase fiber in your diet

7 Tips to avoid eating too much during Eid  2024


Fiber can help you feel full longer. Choose foods rich in fiber such as whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Green vegetables usually contain lots of fiber. Sufficient fiber in your body will make your digestion healthier. Not only that, consuming foods high in fiber can also help facilitate the processing of nutrients in the body. Therefore, it is important to continue serving various vegetable preparations alongside chicken opor, curry, potato chili sauce, rendang and others.

6. Plan the food menu

Plan a healthy meal menu to ensure a balanced nutritional intake and avoid unhealthy foods. Planning what you will eat helps you control your eating patterns. Avoiding menus that contain too many carbohydrates or do not provide other nutritional elements will make you healthier. Control in eating can start from planning your meals well.

7. Exercise regularly

7 Tips to avoid eating too much during Eid  2024


Staying active by exercising regularly can help manage your weight and increase your metabolism. Exercise is a medium for channeling energy from your food. You don't have to limit your food portions when you have a comparable portion of exercise. Apart from helping you channel your energy, exercise can make your body fitter. You will feel more enthusiastic when you exercise regularly.

(Mgg/Robiul Adil Robani)