The mind mapping technique is useful for looking for various ideas collected in an illustration.

  21 Maret 2024 22:45 - The term mind mapping is a method commonly used to find ideas. Usually, this method is a learning medium that can help children or students understand the material more quickly. The mind mapping technique is useful for looking for various ideas collected in an illustration.

The mind map concept uses branching images to combine various complex concepts. Then these complex concepts are converted into an easy-to-understand format. The important point when writing a mind map is the main topic and its branches. The main topic represents the title of the concept to be understood, while the mind map branches indicate the sub-chapters that will be examined.

To achieve this goal, mind mapping will contain symbols, lines, shapes and colors . Then each section will contain an overview and detailed information regarding points from the related topic.

It has been proven that many people find the way of learning using mind mapping more effective. How about you? Do you want to plan to compile a school mind map?

The following is an example of mind mapping that you can apply to better understand various learning materials at school, as summarized by from various sources, Wednesday (21/3).

Example of school mind mapping.

4 Examples of mind mapping  2024


1. Thematic learning.

Mind mapping is often used in thematic learning in elementary schools. For example, when students are learning about the universe, teachers can start with a mind map about the topic. From there, students can add new branches that include planets, stars, basic physics concepts, and other interesting facts. Mind maps provide a visual foundation that helps students understand the relationships between different concepts.

2. Task and project planning.

Students often use mind mapping to plan their assignments and projects. For example, if asked to make a presentation about the history of an event, they can create a mind map that includes the topic, date, key figures, and impact. This mind map helps students organize information clearly before they start writing or making a presentation.

3. Connect concepts in subjects.

In subjects such as science, mathematics, and language, mind mapping helps students make connections between different concepts. For example, in studying the human digestive system, students can create a mind map that shows how food is broken down into nutrients. Then how these nutrients are absorbed by the body and how waste is eliminated. This helps students see the big picture while understanding the details.

4. Develop creative ideas.

Mind mapping is also used to develop creative ideas for writing stories, creating art projects, or designing solutions to problems. Students can use mind maps to record new ideas, connect related concepts, and develop strategies to realize them. This encourages students to think outside the box and explore new possibilities.

Types of mind mapping.

4 Examples of mind mapping  2024


1. Mind mapping trees.

Tree mind mapping is a mind mapping that requires high creativity in making. As the name suggests, the shape of this mind mapping is a tree. Meanwhile, the twigs, roots or leaves can be used as important points in the subject matter of discussion.

2. Paragraph mind mapping.

This mind mapping is in the form of a simple paragraph, but can still provide comprehensive information. With paragraph mind mapping, people who read can easily understand the objectives and stages that will be carried out.

3. Historical mind mapping.

This mind mapping can describe the flow of history. You can make several branches, then a description of the year which will of course describe an event.

4. Mind mapping topic summary.

Namely mind mapping in summary form. Even though it is short, you can add visuals that explain the points you want to convey so that it is easier to understand.

5. Aesthetic mind mapping.

As the name suggests, this mind mapping example is difficult to create. The reason is, this mind mapping can be applied to those of you who have a high artistic spirit. In this mind mapping, you can combine colors and interesting visuals to spoil the eyes and make readers more enthusiastic about getting information.

How to make a mind map.

4 Examples of mind mapping  2024


Here's how to make a mind map.

1. Choose the type of mind mapping that will be used according to your needs.

2. Prepare the paper and place it in a horizontal position.

3. Start writing the main idea at the top or middle of the paper according to the type of mind mapping you have chosen.

4. Arrange keywords that are related to the main idea.

5. Add colors, lines and symbols to the mind map to make it easier to understand and remember.

6. Pour in all the keywords until all parts of the main idea are exposed.

7. Repeat the steps above to create a mind map with a different topic or main idea.