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Umar bin Khattab's words always contain advice, praise, recommendations for the life that every Muslim lives.

  23 April 2024 21:23 - In Islam, Umar bin Khattab is a very iconic friend of the Prophet Muhammad. He was famous for his courage and very strong authority. When he converted to Islam, he truly became a loyal companion of the Prophet Muhammad who was ready to fight against the ignorant infidels.

Apart from that, Umar bin Khattab is also famous for his wise advice which contains deep messages and life motivation. After the death of Rasulullah SAW, during the leadership of Umar bin Khattab, Muslims received a leader who had a noble heart, soft-spoken words, but was also a truly authoritative figure.

Umar bin Khattab's words always contain advice, praise, recommendations for the life that every Muslim lives. He also always spreads the teachings of goodness and Islamic law, which he always does from his actions to his words. It is not surprising that so many Muslims really respect him.

If you are looking for life motivation, perhaps Umar bin Khattab's words, which are full of deep messages and motivation for life , could be something to read when life feels like things are not going well. The following are 100 words of Umar bin Khattab full of deep messages and life motivation, summarized by from various sources, Tuesday (23/4).

Umar bin Khattab's words contain direction and guidelines for life

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1. "Never be afraid to struggle, because success will not come without effort."

2. "Be a person who always tries to be better every day, because every small step will bring big changes in the end."

3. "Do not be a servant of the world, but be a servant of your Lord."

4. "Happiness is not about having a lot of possessions, but about a peaceful heart."

5. "When you are angry, remember that it is the devil's whisper. Don't let yourself be controlled by anger."

6. "Sincerity is the key to every solid relationship."

7. "Be like a fragrant flower, even if you step on it, you will still benefit others."

8. "Rebuke your brother with love, not with hatred."

9. "Be prepared for tomorrow, don't let today go to waste."

10. "Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and develop."

11. "When you feel tired, remember that every step you take is worship."

12. "Don't just be a good listener, but be a good implementer too."

13. "Be a person who can be a role model for others."

14. "Doing good to others is a form of worship."

15. "Never give up on achieving your dreams, because dreams are motivation in life."

16. "Try your best, but trust the results to Allah."

17. "Never hurt other people's feelings, because every hurt will be a burden in the afterlife."

18. "Be a person who always thinks positively, because positive thoughts will bring positive results."

19. "When we are tempted, believe that Allah is testing our faith."

20. "Honesty is the foundation of all goodness.

21. "Never feel alone, because Allah is always with His devout servants."

22. "Be firm in living your life, but remain gentle in treating others."

23. "When we ask Allah for help, believe that He will provide a solution."

24. "Don't sing about sadness, but be grateful for all the blessings that Allah has given you."

25. "Be sincere and sincere in doing good."

Umar bin Khattab's words are full of life advice

100 words of Umar bin Khattab full of deep messages  2024 Pinterest

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26. "When we are patient in facing trials, believe that Allah is preparing something better for us."

27. "Prayer is the believer's weapon."

28. "A person's greatness is not determined by his position, but by his morals."

29. "Never give up when facing a test, because the test will strengthen us."

30. "Be a grateful person, because gratitude is the key to blessings."

31. "Patience is a sign of strength, not weakness."

32. "Never delay doing good, because the opportunity may not come twice."

33. "The truth is always better than a lie, even if it is difficult to face."

34. "Know that happiness will not be found as long as we continue to chase the world."

35. "Know that every step we take will be counted in the afterlife."

36. "Remain humble despite achieving success, because arrogance will ruin everything."

37. "A fair attitude will bring happiness to everyone."

38. "Be wise, for wisdom is light in the midst of darkness."

39. "Patience is the key to success."

40. "Talking a little but getting a lot of benefits is better than talking a lot but getting no results."

41. "There is nothing more valuable than time, because time is life itself."

42. "There is no better wealth than patience."

43. "Honesty is proof of courage."

45. "Don't let past mistakes stop you from achieving future success."

46. "When God gives you difficulties, He is teaching you patience."

47. "Stop chasing the world, the world will come chasing you.

48. "Never give up on your beautiful dreams, because dreams are the provision of life."

49. "Be the one who makes your stick better than your sword."

50. "Fear Allah in a lonely place, do good deeds when alone."

Umar bin Khattab's words are iconic and contain wise advice

100 words of Umar bin Khattab full of deep messages  2024 Pinterest

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51. "Difficulties are a good time to reflect and improve."

52. "There is no success without strong determination."

53. "Big dreams require big efforts."

54. "Strengthen your heart with knowledge, because knowledge is a source of strength."

55. "Failure is a valuable lesson, never give up after failing."

56. "A strong desire will make promises come true."

57. "God's love will make everything feel light."

58. "We will never achieve success if we never start."

59. "Self-confidence is the key to achieving goals."

60. "Don't wait for happiness, but be someone who creates happiness."

61. "Happiness comes from gratitude."

62. "A humble attitude leads you to greatness of heart."

63. "Good will cancel out bad."

64. "Don't let your emotions control you, but control your emotions with wisdom."

65. "Flaws are a trial, nobility is a test."

66. "Never be afraid to stand alone if your beliefs are right."

67. "Be reliable, because that is the key to trust."

68. "Never complain because every trial is a blessing."

69. "Success does not only belong to intelligent people, but to people who are persistent and persistent."

70. "Stay humble even after achieving success."

71. "Every day is a new opportunity to start something extraordinary."

72. "The beauty of your heart will make you a winner in this world and the hereafter."

73. "Work for your world as if you live forever, and work for your afterlife as if you will die tomorrow."

74. "Do not underestimate small sins, because mountains are formed from small stones piled on top of each other."

75. "Do not fear anyone except Allah, and do not fear anything except your sins."

Umar bin Khattab's words are the most inspiring

100 words of Umar bin Khattab full of deep messages  2024 Pinterest

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76. "The most dangerous person is the one who has no shame and no fear of Allah."

77. "Love of the world is the root of every sin."

78. "Wisdom is the gleam of light that radiates from faith."

79. "Do good to people who do evil to you, maybe they will become your friends someday."

80. "Indeed, every practice depends on the intention."

81. "The most noble person among you is the one who obeys Allah the most."

82. "When we look at the world with eyes full of love, we find beauty in every corner."

83. "When you encounter obstacles on life's path, remember that the most difficult paths often lead to the most beautiful views."

84. "Don't let success make you forget Allah, and don't let failure make you despair of His mercy."

85. "Patience is the key to success. When you are patient, you give Allah time to arrange everything in the best way."

86. "True wisdom is accepting reality as it is, but still trying to change it for the better."

87. "When you feel stressed by life's difficulties, remember that every test is learning, every difficulty is an opportunity to grow."

88. "When you feel weak, remember that Allah is your greatest source of strength. Lean on Him and He will lift you up."

89. "Never underestimate small kindnesses, because sometimes they are the greatest in the eyes of Allah."

90. "A person who believes will feel strong and calm in the midst of trials, because he knows that every test is an opportunity to get closer to Allah."

91. "Be fair even if it hurts you, for justice is the firmest footing to stand on."

92. "Indeed, Islam is a religion of simplicity, do not make it difficult for yourself."

93. "Courage is not about not being afraid, but about continuing despite fear."

94. "True wealth is the wealth of the heart, not material possessions."

95. "Speaking with honesty is easy, but living with honesty is difficult."

96. "The bravest person is the one who can control himself when angry."

97. "Be happy with what Allah has given you, and you will be the richest person in this world."

98. "Never torture someone's heart, because the heart is where Allah is."

99. "Know the truth, then you will know the righteous people. Righteousness is not measured by the people, but people are measured by the truth."

100. "If I died and I knew that a slave on this earth was living in darkness, I would feel responsible. The Day of Judgment would not come before I could find a way out for that slave."

Those are 100 words of Umar bin Khattab full of deep messages and life motivation. The hope is that after you read the collection of words from Umar bin Khattab, you can absorb all his wise advice and use it as motivation in living your life. Hopefully this information is useful!

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