People can sleep along the way and wake up in the destination city.

Victoria Tunggono   26 May 2016 15:55 - A bus service company created a new way to travel between two cities in California, USA. It may sound ordinary to travel with bus or to get sleep along the way. But what you might have not experience is having bunk beds in the bus.

The chartered bus started operating in April 2016, bringing people back and forth between San Fransisco and Los Angeles for only USD 48 per ride. People can sleep along the way and wake up in the destination city.

"It would basically be like you teleported to L.A.," said the founder and CEO of SleepBus Tom Currier in an interview with Inc. Magazine. The night bus is indeed an interesting new way for a trip in the era of the new capsule track Hyperloop and app-based Uber. Moneywise, the Sleep Bus helps for those on a budget.

The bus is technically a trailer connected to a commercial truck. Inside the container are 12 comfortable beds lined in two stories. It is similar to the sailors’ bunk beds in the ships, only this one runs on the roads. Each bed is equipped with fresh luxurious Camper bedding, power outlets, reading light, wireless Internet, a bottle of mineral water and blackout curtain for privacy. Toilets are also available, with hand soap, hand sanitizer and facial wash.

Image via techinsider

The bus takes off at 11 p.m. every night from both cities and arrives at the destination around 5-6 a.m. Because it is early, passengers are allowed to sleep until 9. They also serve morning coffee, and for a good night sleep, a cup of warm tea. There is also dining table if someone can’t sleep, needs to work on a laptop, or to have a drink.

A satisfied passenger wrote on Yelp review: "I was traveling on business and had an evening event, but needed to be back in LA in the morning. I could have gotten a hotel and a early morning flight, but Sleep Bus took care of both needs."

“The bus driver is amazing, and works hard to make sure you don't feel the bumps in the roads.  Couldn't ask for better service. The attendants will serve coffee, tea & refreshments and you can sleep the night away and wake up in your new city,” wrote another passenger.  

People are saying they are satisfied with the good service and willing to take the ride again in the future, and rated the company with 4.5 stars. Having the positive responses, the company says it is stopping reservations as it tries to get more buses up and running and online. They will restart the route around August 15 this year, and increase the price to USD 65 per ride. Still, this is cheaper than flight ticket and surely more convenient than falling asleep on regular bus or train.



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