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Indonesia's most popular travel writer has visited 80 countries so far. So, where does she want to go next?

Retno Wulandari   09 June 2017 14:30

When someone mention “Trinity” and “Naked Traveler,” you’ll know what they’re talking about.

Yes, Trinity is one of the most popular travel writers in Indonesia. She now has published eleven books on traveling, including the phenomenal "The Naked Traveler" series. Since she started her blog in 2005 and published her first book in 2007, Trinity has inspired many young people in Indonesia to grab their shoes and start their own adventures.
“The Naked Traveler” books are collections of Trinity's short stories and notes while traveling around Indonesia and the world, including tons of humor, interesting shots, as well as the pros and cons of places she visited. She eventually gave up her corporate career and became a full-time traveler.

To date, she has visited 80 countries.

With the places she has been to, does she still have a dream place to visit? We talked to her to find out.


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Can you tell us about your current activities?

I’m currently finishing The Naked Traveler 8. It's still about my experiences while traveling abroad and exploring Indonesia and the difference is in places I went to. The stories are obviously different than I wrote in previous books. Right now I just focus on that, because I don’t write while traveling. I only start writing when I’m home.

Do you have plans to travel in the near future?

This Eid we’ll go to Manado for a family holiday. Every year we travel together to different places. This year the planis to dive in Bunaken, then go to Tomohon and have some culinary adventure there.

I also plan to go to Rote, an island in East Nusa Tenggara with stunning tropical nature. At school back in the day, I read in textbooks, Rote Island is the southernmost island in Indonesia. I've been to Sabang, the westernmost island in Indonesia, so I'm curious to see Rote. They said the underwater scenery is amazing.

After a long period of traveling, surely you have visited many places. Did you ever get bored?

No, I never get tired of traveling and adventuring; I mean when I travel, there are always surprises waiting for me in every corner. The challenge is to write the story. It’s not an easy stuff. Certainly, there's always writer's block or moodiness. But then again, as long as I keep on traveling, I'll always have new stories to tell.

Any dream destination you haven’t visited yet?

Oh, there are many. There are 196 countries all around the globe, yet I’ve only visited 80 of them. There are 35 provinces in Indonesia, I’ve only explored 30. But there’s one thing on my bucket list that I don’t think will be fulfilled anytime soon, but one day I promise I’ll be there.

I'd love to explore the South Pole. It is a unique destination. It’s a road less traveled with minimum human presence. The nature is as virgin as it can be, and of course, I wanna be there before the ice melts. But it will need certain preparation so it won’t happen in the near future. However, I know what it takes to go there. When I was in South America, I found out that there’s a boat to the South Pole, which will take a week to reach the Antartic shore. But the cost is super expensive and the quota is limited.

I’m always looking for the natural beauty of each destination, and my favorite are the beach and the underwater. Speaking of which, Indonesia is a second to none, especially in eastern Indonesia. Landscape and nature there are amazingly beautiful.

When it comes to foreign countries, I seek the culture, architecture, although I still look for the nature as well, depending on which country I'm visiting. When I was in one of the developed countries in Europe, I enjoyed the architecture of the cities. In Asia, there are many unique and interesting cultures to be seen. If in Africa, there are safaris and wildlife. I’m usually looking for things I can’t find in Indonesia.

In addition to the fun , what do you get from traveling?

The more I travel around the world, the more I love Indonesia. I learned to appreciate my own country because this is not only about the beauty of nature or culture, or the architecture alone, but there are many comforts in Indonesia that can not be found in other countries.

For example, in European countries, after getting off the bus, you must walk in the middle of the cold. In Indonesia, you can ride an ojek. Another example, when you wake up starved at 2 a.m., unlike in Indonesia, there won’t be food to buy. In addition, there’s nothing that can beat Indonesian food. They’re the most delicious in the world!



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