Not limited to Malioboro or the Sultan’s Palace, Jogja also has many other cool places that can be visited.

Joshua Riwu Kaho   21 October 2015 06:00 - - Jogja is special. Many people can never get enough of the city and visit more than once each year.

What makes Jogja very attractive to tourists? Of course, people visit Jogja because of its many cultural treasure, heritage, and exotic locales. Not limited to Malioboro or the Sultan’s Palace, Jogja also has many other cool places that can be visited. Do you want to take pictures with cool backgrounds? You can do so at Jogja!

Here are several off the beaten path places in Jogja which will leave a lasting impression on you and make you want to go back to Jogja again. Check it out!

1. Punthuk Setumbu, Karangrejo

All people know that Borobudur is wonderful and a must visit. Yet, it will be more wonderful if you enjoy the beauty of Borobudur from the hill of Puthuk Setumbu. Puthuk Setumbu is located in Karangrejo village and it takes about 15 minutes driving to the west of Borobudur. You probably need around 30 minutes to reach the top of the hill. But once at the top, you’ll get to see sweeping views of the surrounding hills. Try to get here at sunrise!

2. Fruit Garden Mangunan, Bantul

The main attraction of this place is not the fruit garden itself, but the panorama of the surrounding hills and the winding River Oya. It’s almost as if it’s paradise. Getting there is relatively easy. It only takes 50 minutes to drive for 35 kilometers from the city center. Riding a motorcycle is preferable because the road is narrow and there are a lot of uphill roads.

Not far from the fruit garden, there is a pine forest where the air is cooler and much more tranquil. You can reach the forest by riding a bicycle from the fruit garden. The entry ticket is free!

3. Goa Cemara Beach

The Bantul area is a haven for many travelers. There are many cool touristic places. One of them is Goa Cemara Beach. Here, you can go to caves which are shaped by spruce trees. This beach is still part of the Parangkusumo Beach.

4. Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo, Bantul

Do you know a movie entitled ‘Pasir Berbisik’? Or have you ever seen Agnes Monica’s music video entitled ‘Godai Aku Lagi’? The shooting location of the video is not in a foreign country, but it is in Gumuk Pasir, Parangkusumo. Gumuk is derived from Javanese language which means mounds or piles. At first sight, this place is similar to sand dunes in Mexico. Do you want to surf on the sands? You don’t need to go to another place because you can do so here. Equipment rentals are available here so you only need to bring along your body.

5. Tirta Budi ‘Blue Lagoon”, Sleman

This one destination is rather hidden in Widomartani, Sleman. Though it is not too far from the central of the city as you need to drive for about 20 minutes to get there. This place is named Blue Lagoon because the pool has crystal clear water that is blue. The entry is free, therefore you can go a chill out anytime you want.


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