The app offers important information about other countries such as travel warning, embassy contacts, and an emergency button.

  14 Januari 2017 15:00

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday launched an app called SafeTravel, designed to make it easier to track Indonesians traveling overseas.

"Using this app, we are able to know the position, location, and identity of Indonesians who are abroad and [it] gives a quick response during emergency situations," Foreign Affairs Minister Retno L. P. Marsudi said during a press coference.

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The Foreign Affairs Minister also stated that eight Indonesian embassies in Den Haag, Seoul, Bangkok, Brussel, Singapore, Jeddah, Hongkong, and Tawau have implemented the technology and mobile appbased service and security. Other embassies will follow this year.

One of the app's most important elements is its"DARURAT" feature, which works as an emergency button for travelers in need of help.

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Users of the app will also find information on other countries' safety status, which is identified using different colors: red as a warning not to visit the country, yellow to warn of high vigilance, and green to indicate that a country is safe to travel to.

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Other useful features include a travel list and a contact information for Indonesian embassies in other countries.

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SafeTravel is available on the Android Play Store for free and users will have to save their personal information to access all menus.



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