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The Octopus smartwatch is an assistant for parents, teachers or therapists

Victoria Tunggono   18 July 2016 10:24 - Another fun gadget for kids is about to come our way. Octopus is an icon-based smartwatch that is kid-friendly, wearable and visual all at the same time. The creators believe this can be a new fun way to teach kids about time, discipline, responsibility, independence and self-esteem. Joy, the developer company behind it, calls Octopus “training wheels for good habit.”

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Basically, Octopus is a watch that kids can easily read and understand that also works as a scheduler to remind children about items on their daily to-do list. Over 600 icons can be synced via a smartphone app that connects to the watch via Bluetooth. Every time the kid has finishes a task, they can click the checklist button and their parents will be informed on their app, so they can monitor their children’s activities without having to follow them around.

For parents, the colorful gadget can be an assistant to help them “prioritize expectations and stay consistent with daily routines”, as written on the webpage. “It helps you teach good habits to your kids without overwhelming them; It’s an educational tool. Be consistent, coherent, predictable and clear about your expectations, teach few tasks at a time.”

Not only that, parents can modify the tasks, break it down and go step by step by giving children specific instruction. Children are taught to get involved in daily tasks at home and in time they could be the ones reminding their parents of the daily schedule!

The watch can be adjusted to associate a specific time with a task, and all in bright playful colors of blue sky, lemon green, pink candy or dark grey! There's also a game element that can be activated to give virtual rewards for the kids every time they have complete their tasks. The special badges will be shown on parent’s app.

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Sam Hickmann, the co-founder and CEO of Joy and the brain behind the invention admits that he had hard time getting his now 12-year old son to cooperate with even simple daily tasks. After learning from the experience and applying it with a younger sibling, he concluded that children need to know and get used to daily routines to get them more organized, focused, independent, and cooperative. This is where the idea of creating Octopus came from.

From there, Sam and the co-founder Omar Alaouf, worked together with the world’s first and largest hardware accelerator HAX, to build the prototype. The HAX facilities are located in the “Silicon Valley for hardware” in Shenzhen, 40 minutes north of Hong Kong.  

Octopus is made for kids aged 3-8, with features that can be unlocked as the child progresses through phases. They say this helps the system “grow” with the kids.


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The Kickstarter page for Octopus reads: “It makes it easier for them to assimilate good habits and it also teach them to be on schedule. But to maintain routines it requires consistency and persistency.”

With the many distractions from today’s fast-paced world such as TV, tablets, video games, and more activities besides school, it is harder for parents to keep control of their kids, especially after a long day at work, social life and other daily problems.

The makers also say Octopus can also help kids with special needs, such as AD/HD, ASD, Diabetes, Down Syndrome, or executive functioning issues. These children often require frequent prompting to complete tasks and Octopus offers digital assistance.

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Octopus is water resistant, provided with Bluetooth 4.1 and haptic feedback. The smartwatch is now running on a Kickstarter project, and will be sold to public in March 2017 at $89 for the watch and $129 with an additional octopus-shaped charging station that serves as a nightlight when the watch is attached to it. 

Just we had this when I was a kid!

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