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Welcome to the house of the future.

Celia Tholozan   10 March 2016 09:31

Brilio.net - Have you ever dreamed about the lights of the house turning magically off when everybody’s out? For the AC to be switched on half an hour before you come home so the room is fresh when you arrive? For the washing machine to be turned on from your office through your phone when you forget to press the button? To cook your meals while you’re setting on the couch?

Thanks to the « home automation » concept, or the control of all connected electronic devices of your home through a smartphone or a tablet, it is soon going to become reality! The “home automation box” is a new household revolution. Using mostly wireless technologies, that are adapted to any kind of home (no particular installation is needed no any intervention of a skilled technician), this is a do-it-yourself concept.

In addition to the obvious practical and comfortable side of it, the other great advantage of home automation is the reduction of the electricity consumption. According to the marketing departments of the brands developing the concept, it is possible to minimize the electricity bill by 30%.

However, for now, the system is too new and nothing can be proven for sure. Especially since there are major issues that need to be sorted: the compatibility of the devices. Nobody indeed buys all device from the same brand, and each electronic device has been made by a different producer and not all producers are using the exact same technology.

This is why the biggest companies of the industry decided to agree on the development of “io-homecontrol”, a protocol of wireless transmission for all connected devices, produced by diverse brands. The first stake of the “home automation” concept is for this protocol to be actually set up and applied by all companies, which can take years of negotiations.

The second stake would be the improvement of the intelligence of the system, that is to say study the behaviour of the home, and suggest solutions of improvement specially adapted to this home. This would ensure the lowest energy consumption for each home and could positively impact the environmental issues we’re facing today.  

If you’re interested, many systems are already available among which the « smart home » developed by Toshiba and the « Wiser System » from Schneider Electric.



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