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Before we have any idea about what’s happen, her face is already drenched in blood.

Retno Wulandari   07 June 2016 17:57 - Becoming a beauty vlogger is a sort of trend amongst makeup and beauty enthusiasts. These gorgeous ladies share their beauty tips and tricks as well as various makeup tutorials with a great pleasure in the form of video, and some of them got incredibly famous for their skills.

But sometimes these tutorial videos can turn into a true disaster, as has happened with this woman, allegedly named Nikki, as written at the opening of her video. Her ordinary makeup tutorial turned into a horror show, and some people believe that there were spiritual beings involved in that terrible incident.

She was possessed during the recording process.

In that 1:30 minutes anonymous video that went viral, the woman seems totally normal at first. She was explaining how to wear good eye makeups in a cheerful manner, just as an ordinary beauty vlogger.

But then a strange thing happened as she was showing how to applying mascara. She suddenly fell silent. The crazy thing is, after a short pause, the woman was banging her head against the table in front of her, and even before we have any idea about what’s happen, her face is already drenched in blood.

The horrible video is published by the15experience on You Tube. Dying to see it? Check this one out:


Original article by Fadila Adelin


Scary Make-up

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