Nineties kids know these guys

Aprilia Nurohmah   09 August 2016 19:51 - We all know at least one scary story that exists around us.

We dare you to Google this list.

1. Kolor Ijo.

Image via koranseruya

The story of Kolor Ijo boomed in the early 2000s.


2. Nenek Gayung.

Image via popscreen

The spirit of a grandmother carrying a water dipper (gayung) and mat was also popular. Whoever meets her is doomed to die. 


3. Kakek cangkul.

Image via kapanlagi

He might be Nenek Gayung’s partner. He carries a hoe (cangkul).


4. Suster Ngesot.

Image via

This ghost of a nurse is a major urban legend.


5. Headless ghost.

Image via blogbebas

The headless ghost of a holy man was a standard feature of the 2000s.



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