Surprisingly, the residents are not disturbed by the passing trains.

Fadila Adelin   30 October 2015 17:00 - Many people don’t know that Yogyakarta has an extreme railway that makes people scratch their head. . The exact location of this railway is in Pengok not too far from Lempuyangan Railway Station.

Why is this railway line gaining so much attention? It’s because it passes through narrow alleys with people’s front yards not even 1 meter away from the tracks.
Where do the trains that pass through go? Does it head toward Jakarta or Surabaya? Apparently, it is neither of these cities. The tracks are only passed by trains on their way to the railway workshop Balai Yasa Yogyakarta for reparations. Oddly, not many consider the tracks dangerous because the trains that pass by are moving at about 5-10 kilometers per hour. People in Pengok even think that this railway does not disturb their activities. As stated by Maryanti (42), a local resident in Pengok, “No, it’s not disturbing. The train passes slowly. The children in this area are happy if there is a train which passes through.”

Maryati also said that until now, there has been no accident caused by the passing trains.

“Only the locomotive often passes by,” said Sriyono (54). It is because the locomotive is part of the train which needs treatments the most.

What happens if the kids are playing around?


Too close


Only a meter from the door



Be careful!


Too close



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