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Meet the man who has just unseated Canadian PM slash Disney Prince Trudeau as the internet's most-loved politician.

Adelia Anjani Putri   17 March 2017 15:41

The Netherlands have just concluded their election on Wednesday and the GreenLeft (GroenLinks) party came out as one of the biggest winners.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy might claim the biggest victory, but GroenLeft has become the rising star of the election.

GreenLeft is now the largest left party in the country with 14 members of parliament — significant increase from the previous period’s four members. Many thanked the victory to party’s leader in the House of Representatives, 30-year-old Jesse Klaver, or as his supporters prefer, “Jessiah”  —Jesse the Messiah.

Enough with the foreign politics. Let’s talk about Klaver who we assume will take Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s place as the internet’s most beloved politician.

First of all, Klaver is a proud pro-EU and pro-refugee politician, bringing a fresh air to the escalating support for the far right in European politics.

This might have something to do with the fact that Klaver’s father has a Moroccan background while his mother is a mix of Dutch and Indonesian blood. 

And in case you haven’t noticed, he kind of looks like Trudeau.

And people has noticed the similarity. However, he brushed off the comparisons, saying that Trudeau is has a better body.

“I’m very jealous of Trudeau’s muscles, because I’m not as muscled as he is,” Klaver said to National Post.

Muscle or no muscle, we bet the internet wouldn’t mind having two dreamy politicians with values we can support especially during times of increasing intolerance like this.


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