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Whether you post photos or political arguments, they all say something about you.

Retno Wulandari   10 November 2016 08:36 - People around the world answer the same question every single day: a simple “What’s on your mind?” on what is arguably the most popular social media platform, Facebook. 

Facebook gets millions of different “answers” from its 1.79 billion active users, and the topics vary from the food they eat this morning, places they go, their deadly-exhausting job, or drama about their troublesome relationships... Sound familiar?

Various studies have found that your Facebook behavior and status could be a reflection of users' personality. Whether you post too many photos or updates on politics, here's what they might say about you. 

Everything about their lovers. A 2015 study revealed Facebook users whose statuses and photos are mostly about their lovey-dovey activities have a strong need to be confirmed that they’re worthwhile, needed, and secure and thus need to be reassured that their relationships are OK. This type of user usually has low self-esteem and suffers from insecurity. Such statuses are likely to get fewer “likes” from fellow Facebook users.

Facebook wall stuffed with photos. If you have a lot more photos than writings on your wall, you might need a blue sky holiday. A 2014 study found that social media users with chronic anxiety and signs of depression seek a way out by posting photos or images regularly on their Facebook. People with depression would typically have problems with their social abilities, so expressing themselves with photos may serve as a safer way compared to written expressions, which could attract unwanted replies from their friends. 

Hundreds of online friends. A human behavior study in 2012 revealed that it is common for people who are unpopular offline to be extremely popular in the digital world. They usually have many social problems associated with low self-esteem, and thus try to look popular by having a lot of friends, even if it’s only on social media.

Facebook users whose statuses are mainly about politics and science are mostly open people with a sense of curiosity and creativity, according to a study. They tend to use their times with “practical” activities and consider social media small talks are just a waste of their times. Instead, they use social media to share notable information with their communities.



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