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Around twenty percent of Jakartans suffer from mild or severe mental illness, according to a report.

Petra Hapsari   25 July 2017 16:30

Jakarta's incoming deputy governor Sandiaga Uno recently promised to create suicide prevention program when he's finally in charge.

“We had an initiative during campaign called Jakarta Mental Health Institute, proposed together with doctor Nova Rianti Yusuf," Sandiaga said on Tuesday.

During an interview in March, Sandiaga voiced his concern on Jakarta's high suicide rate.

“We got a data from association of physician and psychiatric which stated that 20 percent of Jakartans suffer from mild and severe mental illness which might lead to incidents like committing suicide while going live on social media,” Sandiaga said on March 23, referring to a horrible incident that went viral several months ago.

Sandiaga added the government will also try to map the mental disorders suffered by Jakartans so they can do more to prevent suicide.

“It will be programmed at Public Health Office as a preventive activity,” he said on Tuesday.

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