Protesters from various Muslim groups hold an anti-pornography rally outside Bandung court in West Java on January 31, 2011. (Photo: AFP Photo/Bay Ismoyo)

Police investigators and experts are invited to evaluate the documents.

Tunggul Kumoro   07 June 2017 16:20

An open investigation session for pornography case suspect Firza Husein was held in closed session today at the Attorney General's Office (AGO), South Jakarta.

"So, according to what's been scheduled, today's case file exposure is for Firza Husein's case," said Junior Prosecutor for General Crimes Noor Rachmad.

The AGO invited police investigators and other 13 experts involved in the investigation report. 

Noor said that the session discussed the investigation of evidence and articles charged to the suspect. The prosecutors, he added, needed to draw information directly from investigators and experts to determine the continuation of the case file, whether it's approved or required revision.

Based on today's sesison, Firza's case document was deemed incomplete. The file was then returned to Jakarta Police after the high court discovered lacks of formal and material requirements.

"The prosecutors saw that the report is not perfect to bring to the court. It's good enough, but there are things that can be added and fixed," Noor said.

"We'll fix is as soon as possible. We can't return it today because we need time to put things in order before sending it back to the prosecutors.

Firza Husein, the coordinator of the Solidaritas Cendana Foundation and treason suspect, was named a suspect in a pornography case, for allegedly sharing pornographic material in WhatsApp chats between her and Islamic Defenders Front chief Rizieq Shihab.

Firza has been denying that she was the person on the chat and accusing the case of being manipulated. 


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