News flash: it's not.

Fadila Adelin   13 October 2016 17:24 - Photos of a student shamelessly showing off inappropriate behavior towards a teacher during class has been going viral, raising everything from concern to anger. According to Info Kota Makassar on Facebook, the student — pictured with one leg on the table, smoking, and wearing sunnies right next to his helpless-looking teacher — attends Toddopuli 6 High School. 

We don't know exactly what's going through his mind, but surely no teacher deserves to be treated with such disrespect. 

“Give the pictures to his parents.. so if the teacher gives him punishment, they won’t be able to report him to the police as they have the evidence of his behavior. Just a suggestion. God, I hope my children will never act that way,” says Aty Kanto in a comment.

“A role model for an excellent student," Rusdi Daeng wrote — ironically, of course.

“It’s not easy to be a teacher. If they punish the student they might be sued, but it they don’t ,they get underestimated," says Richa Maryam.

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