Even Tarantino approves.

  9 Oktober 2016 10:00

Brilio.net/en - When Joe Taslim was cast in the sixth installation of the iconic Fast & Furiousseries, Indonesians were blown away. All the more so when he was featured in an even bigger role in yet another majar film, Star Trek Beyond.

But long before Indonesia had Joe Taslim, there was Lo Lieh, who took his career to the international stage back in the 60s.

A netizen, Arry Lesmana Tan, via his Facebook account, toldthe story of Lo Lieh, who was born on June 29, 1939, in Pematangsiantar as Wang Lap-Tat. He once lived in Jalan Sawah Lio, Jembatan Lima, Jakarta and ata very young age, decided to move to Hong Kong.

There, he attended acting school and started training martial arts since 1962. It was then thathis lifechanged, as he turned into a Hong Kong actor who played in many differentaction movies.

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He then joined the Shaw Brothers and began starring in several movies such as Tiger Boy, Golden Swallow, and Twelve Deadly Coins. Early in his career, Lo Lieh took up protagonist roles, until in 1972, he returned to films likeking BoxerandFive Fingers of Death, which was released by Warner brosthe next year and started the use of martial arts as a trend in films.

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The movie was the inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, as Tarantino himself put King Boxer at number 11 as his all-time favourite movie.

Lo Lieh died in 2002, having starred in more than 200 titles for movies and television series throughout his life, both as a main andsupporting actor, making him one of the legends in Hong Kong's film industry.

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