A very challenging decision that opens the doors to a brand new world that is respectful of the environment.

Celia Tholozan   26 June 2016 09:23

Brilio.net - The government of Norway places ecology as its top priority of its new political strategy and proved it right by voting this new audacious law that makes deforestation illegal in the country.

“it is a great victory in the fight we conduct to preserve our forest […] Over the last years already, many companies already committed to stop producing goods resulting from deforestation”. The Norwegian Government’s decision is one further step to a cleaner country.

It is the first country in the world to legally forbid deforestation in order to protect their natural environment. The Government settled a series of rules and exigencies to make sure that the wood industry strictly applies the law. In other words, it means that no one would be able to sign any contract related to wood exploitation and exportation.

In addition to that, the Government also made the decision, even more difficult to establish, to forbid the importation of products resulting directly or indirectly from deforestation in other countries, such as palm oil products for example.

That's quite a low blow to Indonesia, a country that exports an absurd amount of palm oil. The hunt for palm oil has had catastrophic consequences of deforestation that have been widely reported over the last months. The case of Borneo and the massive destruction of the local eco-system will be one of the worst ecological, man-made disasters in the world. Just ask the Orangutans, who lost their homes.

In many rapidly developing countries of Southeast Asia, the problems linked to deforestation unfortunately persist because of the lake of financial means but also lack of awareness. We can only hope that the Norwegian example will inspire others and show the world more ethical ways of production.



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