The newest craze on websites such as Imgur and Reddit shows a cutout of John Travolta acting confused at random situations.

  12 November 2015 11:49 - For the last week or so, Imgur and Reddit have jumped on the Travolta bandwagon in which many users have submitted edited gifs that show poor ol' John in confusing situations. The scene itself was taken from the cult favorite film, Pulp Fiction.

This time, Travolta's visage was pasted onto other scenes from tennis matches, supermarkets, classrooms, to even an A-Ha video and Drake's Hotline Bling Video (which is another viral phenomenon).

This habit of pasting other people into different locations is right on the footsteps of previous similar trends such as Russel Crowe's Javert from Les Miserables and also Michael Cera.

Check out 10 of our favorite "Confused Travolta" gifs here:

"MRW (My reaction when) Drake asks for some high fives but I'm too slow"

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"When I'm playing CS:GO and I run out of Ammo"

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"MRW I arrive in Europe during the refugee crisis"

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"MRW I ask what my daughter what she wants for Christmas and she said a doll"

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"MRW no one tells me class in canceled"

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"MRW I go to the saloon at a wrong time"

"MRW I thought they served seafood"

"When my name is Cliff and I step into the hotel room at the wrong time"

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"When I was mistakenly cast in an A-Ha video"

"At a tennis game"


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