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It's not too late to celebrate Idul Fitri.

Petra Hapsari   12 July 2017 06:15

Lebaran Betawi is an annual event for Jakartans to meet after Idul Fitri. The event has been conducted for years since 2008. During the celebration, five administrative regions of Jakarta showcase their subdistricts' specialties, from food to home industries.

This year's Lebaran Betawi will be held on July 21 to 23 in the area of Betawi Cultural Site Setu Babakan, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

To prepare for this year's event, the government is fixing some facilities in Setu Babakan.

“A lot of infrastructure need to be fixed. There are some loose roofs, poles that need to be repainted,” said Jakarta Provincial Secretary Saefullah.

The head of Setu Babakan management unit Rofiqoh Mustafa admitted to have around Rp 300 million to fix the area.

“We have Rp 300 million of budget. Soon we will fix the damage. We also get some financial aid from Corporate Social Responsibility to paint the buildings,” he said.


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