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Djarot is on a mission to complete the project to revitalize the area.

Tunggul Kumoro   05 June 2017 14:55

Acting Jakarta Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat instructed Public Order Agency to demolish illegal buildings that began to spread under the expressway around Kalijodo area in North Jakarta.

Kalijodo used to be a major prostitution location before the Jakarta government demolished the brothels and houses and then built a public park there.

Djarot is now on a mission to complete the project to revitalize the area.

“God willing, next week (we’ll do it) so it will be finished before Eid,” he said at the Jakarta City Hall today. “We tried to do it yesterday, but to avoid clash, we decided to back down. We’ll work together with the police.”

Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) was sent to demolish the building last Friday afternoon, but the plan was stopped as there were more residents than Satpol PP personnel at the location.

This time, Djarot will not bother to issue warning letter to warn those living under the expressway about the demolition.

“No need. We’ve warned them many times and they keep on building there,” he said.

Djarot claimed that the demolition is needed so prostitution will not sprout in Kalijodo again.

“If we let them, the buildings will become permanent and people can use it for prostitution again,” he said.

The location has been reported to host illegal prostitution activities lately, as reported by Detik.

 Djarot promised that the demolition will not only apply to Kalijodo and its surroundings. Semi-permanent houses built in other areas will also be dismantled.

"I have ordered Satpol PP to dismantle [the buildings], not only in KalijodoAncol as well, including in Kampung Aquarium," he said.

He said illegal buildings should not be allowed to stand for too long as the buildings might turn the area into another slum.

After we dismantle them, we'll put fences if needed. [It will be] kept using fences and the land will be planted, something like that. In Jakarta, there should be no vacant land abandoned for too long. It could be occupied [illegally]," said Djarot.

But where the residents of the ‘new Kalijodo’ will live then?

Djarot said that he’s open to give them places in government subsidized apartments, but only if the residents are the ones affected by the government’s river normalization programs.

“Some of them are whose house were destroyed during the river normalization program, and some come from other areas near Kalijodo,” he said. “If they used to live on the riverbanks and were affected by the program, we can move them to the apartments.”

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