The #bollart revolution has begun.

Krystal Buckle   06 July 2017 13:15

If there’s one thing the people of Melbourne know how to do, it’s get creative.

Following recent vehicle-based attacks in the UK and France, 200 concrete bollards have been installed around Melbourne’s city center in the past week. The temporary security measure is one of many precautions the city has introduced to prevent a similar attack. However, there’s one thing everyone can agree on. They are ugly.

Taking things into their own hands, Melburnians have united to transform the gray blocks into yes, #bollart.



Covered with bright fabric, knitted wool, glitter, confetti and paint, ordinary Australians are taking it in their stride to brighten the city- one concrete block at a time. The innovative response has attracted a strong social media following, catching the eye of politicians and council officials.



Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle has voiced his support for the growing trend. “I’m a fan of anything that brightens up the city,” adding that he “probably wouldn’t hire them to decorate” his house.

“I think it’s very beautiful that this spontaneous form of art has happened without anybody being able to control it” said Christopher Marshall, Associate Professor of Art at the University of Melbourne.

With many blank bollards still strategically placed around the city, expect to see more funky designs and glitter in the coming weeks.



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