Mahesh Papa takes center stage in a sea of brides. Credit: Courtesy of/via Straitstimes

The ‘Mahesh Papa’ has given away hundreds of daughters.

Sahil Nathani   19 July 2016 14:31 - Mr. Mahesh Savani is one heck of a parent.

It all began when this father of two sons decided to adopt a 20-year-old girl who had just lost her own father a week before she was due to get married.

The girl, whose family was distantly related to Savani, was deeply grateful to him after he showered her with affection. After the experience, Savani says he "began to wonder about other girls, particularly those from a poor background, who had lost their father before they got married. I could imagine the fear and anxiety of the mother and daughter, wondering if they would ever find a bridegroom and pay for the wedding."

Since then, the numbers he’s put up have been staggering. Over eight years, he helped out a total of 472 fatherless women, spending 400,000 Rupees ($6,000) on each. He’s been doing this for eight years now. To request Savani’s help, all a girl needs is her father’s death certificate.

Mahesh Papa not only dedicates his time for the wedding ceremony, but also at newlyweds’ “special occasions, festivals or births, bearing sweets and gifts.”  

His family fully supports his calling to help others. As Mr. Mahesh jokingly said, "Long ago, they advised me not to adopt a daughter,” he told the Straits Times. “Now I have 472 of them."

His story gives a whole new meaning to “Father of Modern India.”



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