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The crowd was instructed to stay at Istiqlal Mosque complex.

Tunggul Kumoro   05 May 2017 15:20

The National Movement to Safeguard the Indonesian Ulema Councils Fatwa (GNPF MUI) is holding another rally in Jakarta today.

Dubbed as '55 movement (May 5)', the action was scheduled to start with a Friday prayer at Istiqlal mosque and continue with a long march from Istiqlal to the Supreme Court.      

The main access road to the Supreme Court, Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta has been closed and guarded by the police as precautions.

However, the latest statement by GNPF MUI Vice Chairman Zaitun Rasmin confirmed that the rally would only take place around Istiqlal Mosque.

"The masses will stay here [Istiqlal]. There is no long march," said Rasmin during an interview at the Istiqlal Mosque, this afternoon.

Rasmin also clarified they would only send some representatives to the Supreme Court.

"There are 10 people. They move after Friday prayer," he added.

The delegations will try convey a message to the Supreme Court, asking them to remain independent in Basuki 'Ahok' Tjahaja Purnama's blasphemy allegation case. The case itself would be decided on May 9, 2017.



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