Sonny Truyen from Australia lost his job after throwing an insult-party on a facebook thread. Credit: Courtesy of/via Mothership

Oh no he didn’t! Sonny Truyen called Singapore‘a piece of f***ing s*** country’ in angry comments.

Blaise Hope   12 July 2016 17:15 - An Australian man in Singapore has been sacked by his employer after posting an insult-filled series of comments criticizing the city-state on Facebook.

What made him so angry? The new Pokemon Go smartphone game is not available in the country, and the Australian man is a big fan – but luckily for him he doesn’t have to stay there anymore!

The internet worked its magic and within a day, Truyen was fired!

The online property portal, for whom Truyen used to work, issued an apology via a blog post, saying they are “a proud Singaporean company and do not condone such language or behaviour, hence we have since terminated his engagement once the incident came to light.”

According to “Sonny, an SEO specialist, has (sic) only started consulting with us for a week before the incident happened.”

Truyen called Singaporeans ‘stupid’ in one comment on the Facebook thread, which has since been deleted. He also mocked people in the country, saying he was there “because of the lack of local talent” and that “locals can’t even read”.

Truyen took the time to insult Singaporeans’ intellectual abilities. Credit: Courtesy of/via

Truyen’s former employer was told about the comments by a user. Credit: Courtesy of/via

He even offered to help a commenter find an agency to become a domestic helper.
One user told him to “Get out of our country.”

From, though, are some heartening words and a touch of history: “Our challenges today in Singapore are still relatively small, compared to say, the systematic and fatal displays of discrimination in the US. Our forefathers have worked hard to prevent the deadly racial riots of the 60s from repeating as well as designed policies and campaigns to ensure Singapore stays strong and tightly knitted. However, it seems lately the influx of foreigners has increasingly caused resentment.

“I hope we will stand firm each time we encounter messages of hate and vitriol, instead of fuelling it with likes and shares, or sitting on the sideline watching it play out.”
As the weight of the internet bears down on Sonny Truyen, let’s look on the bright side: he has plenty of time to search for Pokemon now!



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