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Not for the 'money magic', but for premeditated murder.

Tunggul Kumoro   02 August 2017 11:10

Controversial cult leader Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment by a panel judges in Probolinggo District Court, Tuesday, after being found guilty in the murder of his former followers, Abdul Gani and Ismail Hidayah.

The sentence was lighter than the prosecutors' demand of a life imprisonment.

"The defendant (Dimas) is legally and convincingly proven to advocate a premeditated murder of the victim," said Presiding Judge Basuki Wiyoni.

The 100-page verdict read out by panel of judges listed a number of elements of crime that have been proven during the series of trials, starting from intent, conspiracy, as well as murder.

Also mentioned in the verdict was the alternative conviction, including death penalty, life imprisonment and 20 years of imprisonment. Dimas however, did not confess his crime and this, according to the judges, incriminated the spiritual leader.

Dimas' lawyer, M. Soleh considered the ruling was unfair and planned to file an appeal and a similar decision was also taken by the prosecutors who argued that the verdict was too light.

"Our demand is life imprisonment," said coordinator of public prosecutor, H. Usman after the trial.

Dimas Kanjeng was arrested for allegedly ordering murders of two of his followers and fraud on September 2016 by police in Probolinggo. Dimas had reportedly attracted over hundreds of people due to his so-called mystical power to multiply banknotes.



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