The festival attracted over 100,000 tourists.

Syifa Fauziah   11 August 2016 21:41 - This year's Dieng Culture Festival (DFC) – a celebration of arts and culture on an ancient temple plateau in Central Java  – has proved a financial success for Banjarnegara and Wonosobo, the cities responsible for hosting it.

At least 100,000 tourists attended the seventh DFC, bringing in an estimated minimum of Rp 45 billion from August 5 to 7.

"I've never seen such enthusiasm," said Tourism Ministry staffer Hari Untoro Drajat. "The majority came from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and some European countries. Until the last day of the event, the ticket were sold out." 

"There were around 100,000 visitors attending the DFC. If one visitor spends Rp 500,000, the turnover should reach tens of billions of rupiah, or around Rp 45 billion."

An individual spend of Rp 500,000 is conservative considering the standard calculation of Rp 850 thousand.

Banjarnegara's Head of Tourism and Culture, Dwi Suryanto, was even more optimistic. 

"Last year, when the visitors were around 60,000, the turnover was more than Rp 45 billion. So, I think we can earn more this year, even double."


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