Should the hospital records have been made public?

Petra Hapsari   24 August 2016 17:45 - A psychiatrist has revealed the mental health records of Jessica Kumala Wongso, an Australian resident accused of killing her friend Wayan Mirna Salihin by putting cyanide in her coffee.

Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) forensic psychiatrist Natalia Widiasih Raharjanti told the court hearing the murder case that Jessica was hospitalized after repeatedly trying to commit suicide following psychology records during her time in Australia.

Jessica is accused of murdering Mirna Salihin after inviting her for coffee at the Olivier Cafe in Grand Indonesia, one of Jakarta’s most famous upscale malls.

Jessica’s former boss, Kristie Louise Carter told Natalia that Jessica was professional when it came to her job and friendly with colleagues but was also a closed-book person. Carter said her personality began to change after breaking up with her boyfriend in January 2015.

 ‘Treated like a killer’

Jessica broke up with Patrick in September 2015 and tried to suffocate herself by starting a fire and filling her apartment with smoke on October 26, 2015. On November 15, Jessica cut her hand with a knife and 7 days later local police found an apparent suicide note.

She wrote of her disappointment when Patrick allegedly reneged on a promise and left her, and that she felt her family ignored her and it made her see no point in continuing to live.

After trying to commit suicide, Jessica was sent to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. There she told Carter that she thought hospital staff treated her like a killer and it made her angry.

She allegedly continued , saying that if she really wanted to kill someone, she knew how to use gun and knew the “right dose”.

“When she was asked what she meant, she could not explain more,” psychiatrist Natalia said.

Natalia says Jessica broke down when she had her medical history read back to her.

“When it was read, she cried. Maybe you didn’t see it. But I said (to her), ‘don’t cry, hold it,” Jessica’s lawyer Otto Hasibuan said.

Otto says his client is in a dilemma. If she cries, the public may think she is afraid of the consequences, but if she laughs, people would think she is a cold-blooded killer.

Should Jessica’s mental health records have been made public?



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