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Animal lovers, you should see them all!

  21 Agustus 2016 12:52 - Indonesia's zoos have undergone a big upgrade in recent years.

Let's take a peek at the 7 best zoos in Indonesia.

1. Batu Secret Zoo, Malang

Indonesian Zoo  2016

Located in East Java, Batu Secret Zoo is one of the best zoos in Southeast Asia according to a survey by Forbes.Since it opened in 2010, Batu Secret Zoo turns into a popularpicnic destination for both kids and adults.

2. Bali Safari & Marine Park, Bali

Indonesian Zoo  2016


Bali is not all about a beaches. The island keeps hundreds of charm hidden away atBali Safari & Marine Park, in Gianyar.

3. Taman Safari Indonesia 2, East Java

Indonesian Zoo  2016


Another cool zoo in East Java is Taman Safari Indonesia 2, one of the largest zoos in Asia.Surrounded by beautiful hills, you can also find water park with the modern filtrationtechnology inside.

4. Taman Safari Indonesia 1, Bogor

Indonesian Zoo  2016

The Bogor, West Java-based, Taman Safari Indonesia is a popularfamily weekenddestinationdue to its proximity to Jakarta.

5. Pematang Siantar Zoo, North Sumatra

Indonesian Zoo  2016

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The best zoo in Sumatra is in Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra. Pematang Siantar Zoo got a lot more popular famous after theactrees Raline Shah was spotted visiting on several occasions.

6. Gembira Loka Zoo, Yogyakarta

Indonesian Zoo  2016

Located in the main city of Yogyakarta, the place is not only famous for its new collections,like penguins, but also its super-instagrammable setup.

7. Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta

Indonesian Zoo  2016

The home to over 270 species of animal, this zoo is always full of visitors. Escape from the city's hustle and bustle by visiting itsbiggest open green space.



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