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“When they are done with the war and come back to Indonesia, marbles are not the things they're going to play with," he said.

Petra Hapsari   20 July 2017 15:20

A number of Indonesians reportedly went to war area to fight with ISIS along with their wives and children.

National Counter-terrorism Agency (BNPT) Chairman Suhardi Alius revealed that those children are also taught to fight, shoot, assemble bomb and kill — and somehow some of them wanted to go back to Indonesia.

“So, these kinds of children who have been thought [terrorism] then come back to Indonesia. Aren’t they dangerous?” Suhadi said today.

Suhadi reminds people not to be part of silent majority and to be more aware of their own family and environment to help the government prevent terrorism.

“When they are done with the war then come back to Indonesia, marbles are not the things they are going to play with. That is our duty to prevent it,” Suhadi continued.

Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu recently stated Indonesians who have involved in ISIS should not come back to the state.

“No need to return [to Indonesia]. Just stay there. If you want to volunteer yourself [in jihad], just engage until you die,” The minister said.

The statement came after Turkish authorities reportedly detained 435 Indonesians and deported 152 Indonesians for allegedly joining ISIS.



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