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Now your parents will know if you're skipping school.

Tunggul Kumoro   22 May 2017 19:00

Bandung City Government has launched an Android-based application Tongsis or Toong Siswa, to track student activity in school.

"Parents can download [the application to] find out if their kids are skipping school, it's connected to their kids' phone. The application allows parents to check their report card anywhere, anytime. Students will remain monitored," said Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil during the app launching at the Bandung City Hall, Monday.

Ridwan said with Toong Siswa, parents should no longer worry about their kids' activities in school.

"Hopefully, parents will not feel worry and hesitate to send their kids to school in Bandung," he said.

The application was invented after some parents came to express their concerns about students who often skip school.

"The application is available on Disdik (education department) website. We intentionally dedicate it to parents so they can freely monitor their kids," said Head of Bandung Education Agency Elih Sudiapermana.

Howevet, Elih said that Toong Siswa at the moment is only applicable to elementary and junior high school students.

But he promised that every elementary and junior high school in Bandung will be registered with the app and he has asked the school to be more active in filling out student information to the app.

"So, (in the near future) it is expected [for the application] to not only present attendance and report, but syllabus and others," he added.



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