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Now you can physically tune out from your noisy environment.

Tunggul Kumoro   28 April 2017 12:20

If you've had enough of your chatty friend or your colleague's blasting speaker playing random EDM songs all the time , a Kickstarter's crowdfund project claiming to be "the volume button for your ears" could be the best solution for you to get yourself out of the situation.

Knops are adjustable wireless earbuds that can work like an acoustic filter, offering multiple levels of adjustable sound blocking with no battery, bluetooth or smartphone app.

Practically, users can just adjust each plug between four settings - no filtering (-0dB); low amount of ambient noise filtering (-10dB); high level filtering (-20dB); complete silence (-30dB).

Photo: knops.co

A pair of standard stainless steel Knops cost $62 and $117 for the gold plated one, and is expected to be higher when reaches the retail price.

We think we'd need one of them. 



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