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The quick count shows victory is in Anies-Sandiaga’s hands.

Ahada Ramadhana   20 April 2017 20:59 - Jakarta Gubernatorial candidate number 2 Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) – Djarot Syaiful Hidayat held a press conference at 5.10 p.m in Ballroom Hotel Pullman Thamrin CBD, Central Jakarta. The official announcement of the election that was scheduled to come up at 1 p.m finally showed up at 3 p.m.

Djarot stated they are still waiting the real count result despite of the quick count.

“According to the quick count, Anies-Sandi are superior. I want to say congratulation while waiting for the result from KPU (The Jakarta General Elections Commission).” said Djarot.

Djarot also conveyed his message for people to react to the result calmly. He said the peace of soul is needed in democracy.

“We hope with a peaceful soul, we can focus more to serve Jakartans as good as we can. A calm soul also strengthen our mental so we can differ which one is true which one is wrong.” He added.

The husband of Happy Farida also talked about their duties as Jakarta leaders for the next month. He hopes everything he has done with Ahok would be used well by Jakartans.

“Whoever chosen officially by KPU would be our leaders.” Djarot said.

Meanwhile, Ahok thanked all people who have helped making sure the election ran smoothly and safely. He also mentioned he would work hard to finish many things during the rest of the time he would have as Jakarta leader.

“We want everyone to forget anything that happened during campaign since Jakarta belongs to all of us. The Lord gave power, the Lord has taken away. We would be open to Anies and Sandi regarding data.” Ahok said.

Let’s maintain Jakarta’s peace and safety.


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