For the Jakarta Governor, the show goes on.

Victoria Tunggono   15 November 2016 18:44 - A case hearing for Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama's was held today at the Indonesian Police headquarter for allegations of blasmphemy that recently sparked massive protests from hard line Islamic groups.

But Ahok appeared to have a mind of his own, as he continued with his blusukan (impromptu visits) program in several locations across the capital.

"Ahok and I went blusukan," says Ruhut Sitompul, spokesperson for the Ahok-Djarot campaign, as quoted from Liputan 6. "We didn't go [to the hearing]. Let the lawyer team do it."

Ruhut added that the hearing is a normal part of the police force's duty.

"We respect and fully trust the police. We trust the President who firmly stated that the law must be respected; nobody is allowed to intervene. We respect the police's professionalism. Whatever the outcome, we will obey it because Indonesia is lawful nation," continued Sitompul.

Among several locations, Ahok was seen visiting a traditional market at Gang Banten, in the Balimester subdistrict in Jatinegara, East Java, where locals welcomed him with a ten-minute barongsai performance. Also present at the event was actress Cathy Sharon.


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