A petition urging him to resign as National Scout Chairman has reached 1,950 out of 2,500 signatures needed.

Petra Hapsari   04 May 2017 10:00

A video of former Minister for Youth and Sport Affairs Adhyaksa Dault supporting khilafah  — an ancient Islamic government system — became viral and gained a lot of controversy.

Not only his remark sparked pros/cons on social media, it might also cost him his position as the chairman of National Scout Movement.

An online petition demanding his resignation from the position has reached more than 1,905 signatures from 2,500 needed by yesterday.

Adhyaksa finally spoke out and published an open letter on his social media account.

Here is the letter:

NKRI HARGA MATI (The United State of the Republic of Indonesia is undisputed)

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

I want to explain the video of me recorded by an activist of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) during an HTI event in 2013.

Just like a lot of other organizations I attended, other figures and I attended the HTI event as an invited guest. I am not HTI sympatizer nor am I HTI member.

These days, the video taken four years back could be re-uploaded on several accounts on social media.

Because of the video, I am said to be an anti-Pancasila and anti-NKRI. How can they accuse of me being an anti-Pancasila? I joined a cadre since the beginning and since I was in college I joined P4 (Guidance of Appreciation and Practice of Pancasila), Tarpadnas (Training of National Precautions) and Suspadnas (National Precautions Course).

I joined Bela Negara and as Bela Negara cadre, and so on, until I became the Chairman of KNPI and then I become Menpora, and now I become the Chairman of Indonesian Scout Movement.

Up to this second, wherever I go, I always tell the young generation to defend and maintain Pancasila, 1945 Constitution, NKRI, and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika [Unity In Diversity]. In last 2016, I initiated a photography competition #PramukaPancasila so the young generation living and practicing Pancasila. You guys can trace it on the internet.

About khilafah islamiyah, there is the hadist, but the khilafah I meant was khilafah islamiyyah which is rosyidah, not khilafah that means negating the country, not khilafah supported Hizbut Tahrir, ISIS, or other version.

Regarding the video, it is also needed to see the time and place where I talked. It was four years back. This is 2017, which means, the content of the video is no longer relevant today.

Now, there is no unity of Islam, even holidays can be different. If there is a khalifah, then differences in worshipped can be dispensed. Once more, this is not khilafah that negates the country. So, Pancasila, UUD 45, NKRI, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, we should defend and maintain them for the next generation. Pancasila has been the agreement of the founder of Republic of Indonesia. NKRI harga mati.

Back to Pancasila and NKRI. I still remember, at the early time of reformation, people were asking for federation country, union state, and so on.

I, as the chairman of KNPI at the moment, took a firm decision that NKRI harga mati.

I invited national figures at the moment including Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Amien Rais, Wiranto, AM Fatwa and others to sign NKRI commitment. Now, the commitment and signatures of them are still on the wall of DPP KNPI at Jl. Rasuna Said, Jakarta.

That’s all from me. I thank you for your attention and cooperation. NKRI forever. 


(Adhyaksa Dault)



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