Why stick to regular soap operas when you can have Lee Min-ho and Kim Bum instead?

Krystal Buckle   12 July 2017 10:30

Do you remember the first time you watched a Korean drama? That moment when you suddenly realized you’d stumbled upon something great? Well thanks to you, the Korean entertainment industry is booming.

Rapid social media growth, economic development and deregulation in media policies have caused a tidal wave of K-pop culture to engulf Asia. Here’s a list of reasons why you can’t take your drama-obsessed eyes off the screen: 


  1. You’re in love with the male lead

Don't lie, you spend your nights with a bottle of wine wishing it was you being saved from the bad guy. *Sigh*

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  1. Oodles of noodles

Noodles. They’re everywhere. Is there such thing as a Korean drama without a delicious ramen-slurping scene?
We didn’t think so.



  1. You’re a certified K-Pop Expert

You know you’re a true fan when you find yourself rocking out to K-Pop every time your favorite song plays. Don’t know how to speak Korean? Shhh no one will notice you’re just singing random words. Looks like you’re an expert now!



  1. Dreamy pastel fashion

Ten minutes of Korean drama is enough to send anyone running to the mall in search of pastel skirts, over-sized winter coats and white platform heels. Even in the most unsuitable situations (a doctor wearing a miniskirt at the scene of an earthquake??), fashion is always high on the priority list of any Korean drama character.



  1. They’re educational (no really!)

What better way to learn about culture than by canceling your weekend plans and having a K-drama marathon?

Watching foreign television allows viewers to absorb cultural norms and learn about societal values. Even by watching one drama, viewers can notice that shoes are often left at the door, rice is eaten with almost every meal and bowing is a traditional form of greeting.

By the time the credits roll on the last episode of your favorite show, fear not, those all-night marathons will have added to your bilingual vocabulary! Knowing how to say key Korean phrases like ‘thankyou’, ‘sorry’ and ‘make me Ramen’ will come in handy next time you plan on visiting the country.



  1. Streaming is easy

Korean drama is everywhere. Like, seriously. Finding a good streaming site is like searching for bibimbap and ramen in Seoul, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE.




  1. Addictive qualities

We’re not kidding, Korean drama is genuinely addictive. Characters are developed in a way that allows the audience to relate and feel for them. Cliff-hanger episodes leave viewers anxiously awaiting next week’s story and tension is built up to ensure emotions run high when the loved-up couple FINALLY hold hands.

Also, who said you can’t watch a whole season in one day??




  1. Wacky storylines

When you think it can’t get any weirder, it does. K-drama stories certainly don’t hold back, they range from melodramatic scenes to highly unrealistic tales of love and loss. But hey, we’re not complaining!



There you have it, eight reasons why Korean drama is basically the best.



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