These award-winning films have led the way in exporting the genre.

Erina Wardoyo   22 August 2016 17:41 - In Indonesia, horror often plays second fiddle to romance at the cinema, but nonetheless some have had international success.


If you're looking for scare with an Indonesian flavor, check these films out!

1. Takut: Faces of Fear.

This is a compilation of short films starring Lukman Sardi, Eva Celia and Fauzi Badilla that aired at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2009.


2. Rumah Dara (Macabre).

Rumah Dara, retitled Macabre for its English release, came out of Takut: Faces of Fear. The movie was remade completely and starred Shareefa Daanish and Julie Estelle. It was shown at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) in South Korea back in 2009, where Shareefa won a Best Actress award. 


3. Pintu Terlarang (The Forbidden Door).

This film isn't too famous in Indonesia, but iconic local director Joko Anwar’s movie successfully toured international film festivals in 2009 including PiFan, the Bangkok International Film Festival and Rotterdam International Film Festival. The movie stars Fachri Albar, Marsha Timothy and Ario Bayu was included in the 'World’s 100 Best Films' by the magazine Sight and Sound.


4. Modus Anomali. 

Another critically-acclaimed movie from Joko Anwar, Modus Anomali stars Rio Dewanto and Hannah Rasyid. The movie aired at the SXSW Austin Film Festival 2012 in Texas and won a Bucheon Award from the South Korea-based Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF).


5. Kala.

Okay, Joko Anwar is one of the best horror movie directors in Indonesia. Another of his films that got a ton of attention is Kala. Starring Fachri Albar, Shanty, Fahrani and Ario Bayu, it featured at PiFan 2007, the 2007 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, Osian Cinefan 2008, Bangkok International Film Festival 2007 and the Vancouver International Film Festival 2008. This movie also received a Jury Prize at the New York Asia Film Festival 2007.



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