Everything you need to know about Soundwave rings.

  22 August 2016 13:45

Brilio.net - 3D printed art on jewelry is currently booming. Necklaces, rings, and earrings are now designed to be as attractive as possible, including this Soundwave ring which is one of unique designs people want to have.

The ring is engraved using a recording, that you can make online. You can order them from the company's website.

The price varies depending on what option you choose, but the one common feature is sound waves!

Here's a quick walkthrough!

1. White gold ring with beautiful gold engraving


2. Suitable for both men and women


3. We can order these rings and the price depends on the basic material


4. Not only for wedding or engagement, we can also purchase it for mother’s birthday gift


5. These rings say “I love you”


6. We can also make custom sketches  




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