New way to meet your celebrity crush: Photoshop!

Vindiasari Putri   23 September 2017 13:13 - Faiz Sadad is not only known for being a successful young businessman. The owner of “Bokumi” often shares unique pictures of him on  his Instagram account @faizsadad.

The man who currently studies at a university in Jakarta usually edit his own pictures with Hollywood celebrities. The result? Stunningly hilarious!

Let’s take a look at 15 edited pictures Faiz Sadad posted on his Instagram account:

1. Are you familiar with the sticker on the car’s window?

2. “Date night” with Ariana Grande


3. Posing with Selena Gomez


4. And now with Gomez’s famous ex-boyfriend


5. Horsing with Gal Gadot


6. Party night with Taylor Swift’s girls squad


7. Warm hug from Lana Del Ray


8. Starring in Beauty and The Beast


9. Hugging Taylor Swift


10. Wefie!


11. Nice!


12. With One Direction


13. No caption needed


14. With the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un


15. Rihanna’s private driver



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