Cats are just like us!

If you thought Giselle at the Rio Olympics opening ceremony was special, these models from the feline world will set you straight.

  11 Agustus 2016 13:07

1. As sensual as a Brazilian model

Gisele and cat  2016

2.So you think you can model?

Model and cat  2016

3. No, R-Patz. Get it right.

Robert and cat  2016

4. Showing some passion

Johnny and a cat  2016

5. Who said cats were afraid of water?

Model and a cat  2016

6. Enchant!

Model and a cat  2016

7.Fancy seeing you here?

Model and cat  2016

8.Girl on the left you're doing it wrong.

So many uses of our stairs we dont think about often enough!  2016


Cats are as obsessed with their image as we are  2016

10.The horror!

And dont forget cats have claws  2016

11.Man, that's a sexy watermelon

And they can eat everything  2016

12. Just doing the chores

And can do everything like us  2016

13. Rocking that vintagelook

Even rocking vintage dungarees   2016

14.Getting that geek on

Or read a book  2016

15.Finally, the natural look

But what they do best is natural posing  2016



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