At least now they can marry the star (in their dream).

Petra Hapsari   05 September 2017 12:15

On September 3, famous singer Raisa Andriana and Australian actor Hamish Daud finally tied the knot.

Raisa’s fans congratulate them on social media, but some seem to find it hard to accept.

They divert their heartbroken into some ‘creativity’.


Endless Love -Lionel Richie feat Diana Ross- Edited by : @titorizkyp

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Terima kasih atas doa dan dukungannya.

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Efek #HariPatahHatiNasional . Edited by: @pranowo91 [arek gendeng kurang kerjaan] . #raisa #raisahamish

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'Jika impianmu gagal, maka photoshoplah' . #dagelan #raisakawin #raisanikah

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