It is possible to reduce the daily stress and to relax at the workplace.

Celia Tholozan   02 June 2016 09:07

Brilio.net - Yes, it is possible to reduce the daily stress and to relax at the workplace. You only have to be aware of a few simple exercises that will help your body to release the built up tensions.

1. Adapt your sitting position

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The posture you have when you sit in front of your computer is essential. The idea is that you should dominate your computer, not the opposite. That is to say that instead of plunging your back, and with it your neck and spine, toward the screen you should do quite the opposite remain stable and straight. Your spine and your all back should be as straight as possible. Ideally, when you look right in front of you, your eyes should reach the area located a few centimetres above the computer.

Don’t put weight on your wrist and try to have a chair with armrest. Once you’re comfortable in that position, put your right leg on top of the left one and place both your palms on your left knee. Gently bend your chest toward the left knee while your head is turning right, as if you were trying to look above your right shoulder. Hold for a few seconds, then switch your legs and repeat every half an hour.


2. Breaks to cut off stress

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Take a moment to stand up and walk a few steps. Then when standing, put your palms behind your thighs, the lower you can reach the better and keep your foot flat and a little bit to the side. This exercise is very simple since it only consists of slowly curving yourself towards the back. But the order you move each part of your body matters a lot: first the neck and then try to identify each of your vertebras, one after the other.

Once your reach your limit, don’t force it any further and come back to the initial standing position. The second part of the exercises consists of putting your palms on top of your thighs and doing the movement forward, looking at your feet. Don’t forget to take deep breaths during the exercise.  


3. Prevent attacks of exhaustion

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Massaging your belly after lunch will help digestions but doesn’t prevent the attack of exhaustion that usually appears after. Before it happens, the best way to prevent it is this simple imagination exercise: put your palms face open on your knees, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine a blue line representing energy under you, penetrating through your feet and very slowly moving up to your ankles, knees, hips, etc. up to the top of your head.

Take your time to open your eyes and don’t hesitate to clap your chest with your hand to properly get out of the meditative state.



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