Tom Currie, 24, from Auckland in New Zealand. via

Tom Curries has left his job to pursue his Poké-odyssey through the landmarks of his country.

Sahil Nathani   22 July 2016 06:55 - A 24-year old man from New Zealand is becoming something of a celebrity online for playing the smartphone game Pokémon GO, the smartphone game that has taken the world by storm.

Tom Curries quit his job as a barista and bartender in Auckland to travel around his country, visiting landmarks and catching Pokémon. It’s a story that has struck a chord with other players around the world and amazed those who still haven’t downloaded it.

If you somehow still don’t know about Pokémon GO, its an augmented reality where players need to roam around the real world using their GPS to catch virtual Pokémon. The game has become hugely popular in the short time since it was released. Although it only came out officially in three countries, the game already has millions of users around the world.

Currie’s adventure brings him plenty of selfies. via Instagram@tomblebee

In less than a week, this hero caught 90 different types of Pokémon (i.e. pocket monster), leaving him with 61 more to complete his mission of filling up his Pokédex (i.e. catching every Pokémon available in the game). A true believer in the game’s motto - “Gotta catch ‘em all!”

Currie’s bold decision has won him legions of fans. Local transport companies are supporting his unique adventure by offering their services to help him get around. So far, he has travelled to at least six different towns in South Island.

"I wanted to have an adventure. I have been working for six years and I was desperate for a break. And Pokémon gave me the chance to live that dream," Currie told reporters.

“When I finish the trip and get back to Auckland, I will be looking for work and working on my new business. And of course still catching Pokémon."

A snapshot from Tom Currie’s mobile game. via Instagram@tomblebee

When his adventure ends, wherever he may be, Currie will have left his mark in the history of Pokémon GO and a new era of mobile gaming. Power to you, Tom!



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